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Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Weekend adds a NEW RACE!

Mile one: The Country Bears Starting the race off right! Costume holding strong.


In years past, the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine RunDisney weekend that takes place during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival has consisted of kids races, a 5k, and the half-marathon. This year they have also added a 10K!!

This year the race weekend is November 3rd-6th and ends with the post-race party in Epcot on Sunday. One HUGE change is that the half-marathon is no longer a night race. I must admit i am a little disappointed in this. I absolutely loved running through the parks at night. It was one of the things that appealed to me most about the Wine and Dine half over the other races. Now the race will begin at 5:30am meaning everyone will be up 3am preparing. This is a bit of a bummer as i do not like mornings, and now the race after party will be Sunday night starting at 8pm. This means the participants wont be on that post-race “i did it!” high but it will mean everyone will be able to be present for the entirety of the party. I see the benefit in that- the last time i did the Wine and Dine half i only got about 2 hours at the party (because im slow and like pictures!) which was a bit disappointing. It also means the party will be much more crowded the entire time.

The 10K participants don’t have the after party included in their race registration. The extra after party ticket is $70 so if you purchase that it will bring the price of the 10K to the same as the half marathon with a lesser mileage requirement. Although, the 10K participants don’t receive the $15 gift card the half marathoners do which makes the 10K plus post race party hard ticket $15.00 more expensive. Is 15.oo worth 7 extra miles? Maybe!

They have also added a challenge, Lumieres Two Course Challenge in which participants who complete both the 10k and half-marathon will receive an inaugural Two Course challenge finisher medal to go along with the two medals from the 10k and Half-marathon.

Now to decide if this race is right for me- with all the changes i’ll be reconsidering or possibly trying to talk the hubs into running with me!

Visit the runDisney site for more info. Happy running!!!

Timon <3

Timon <3



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