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Perks of Using Uber at Walt Disney World

How to use Uber at Walt Disney World

How to use Uber at Walt Disney World How to use Uber at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World offers so many transportation options: buses, the Monorail, and boats, so why do we use Uber multiple times on our Walt Disney World trips? This post is all about the big benefits in using Uber at Walt Disney World, how to use it, and when it makes sense to use this paid service over the free Disney transportation options.

What is Uber?

Uber is a widely used ride system similar to Taxis but often with much lower fares and the benefit of a no cash transaction. Uber transactions take place in-app and payment is made via your Paypal account or credit card on file once the ride is complete.

Things we love about Uber (general):

  • Cashless transaction
  • You know exactly who is picking you up including photo and Uber rating from past riders, and Uber has all the driver’s info and they run background checks.
  • By inputting your destination you know the total cost of your ride before you start.
  • Pick-up is quick! Walt Disney World is a hot spot for rides so Uber drivers are always close- we found our average pick-up wait time was 3-6 minutes. 
  • The app allows you to view the best route and shows your vehicle on the map so you know you’re going the best way.
  • You can send your “ride status” to a friend or family member from the app so they can track your trip (i love this safety feature!)


using uber at walt disney world

Why use Uber at Walt Disney World!

We always drive to Florida rather than fly and we are annual passholders so parking at Disney Parks is included at no extra charge for us- why would we use something like Uber?

Long story short- it’s because my husband loves to sleep in on vacation and i can’t blame him! So rather than wait until mid-day to go to the parks or go home early in the day with him my son and I end up Ubering either to or from the parks and my husband takes the car to head in early or join us in the parks late. This is convenience that works out great for us!

Uber at Walt Disney World is great because:

  • Drop off and pick-up locations are right at the park entrance at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. That means no walking through that massive parking lot! Your feet will thank you 🙂 Epcot drop off and pick-up is in the handicap parking so still pretty close.
  • It can save you so much time! Disney transportation is convenient and included for free but sometimes schedules get off and busses don’t show up as often as we’d like.
  • The Magic Kingdom location is at the Ticket and Transportation center but this can be avoided by being dropped off or picked up at Disney’s Contemporary resort and taking the 5 minute walk right to Magic Kingdom! I LOVE doing this after a long night at Magic Kingdom because i hate waiting in that huge crowd for the Monorail just to transfer to the Ticket and transportation center to get to the parking lot. Rumor has it that The Contemporary Resort is cracking down on this- a good work around is dropping your pickup pin at the intersection right next to the hotel and messaging your driver to pick you up there instead. 
  • If you are choosing between renting a car and Ubering (if you’re staying off site) remember to factor in the $20/day parking fee! Driving your rental to Disney World means paying that hefty parking fee unless you are staying at a Disney Resort. Most rides from the Disney Parks to our offsite condo were $10-$15. This could be much cheaper than renting a car once you add in rental and parking fees as well as fuel.
  • Use Uber to get to those early morning reservations while staying on Disney property because the bus and boat transportation runs less often in the early morning hours! That means you can sleep in a little later and who doesn’t love that?! 😉
  • Use Uber to get between Disney Resorts- buses don’t travel between Resorts which can make getting to that dinner reservation at Sanaa from your resort complicated! You’ll save a good 30 minutes of your day by taking Uber.

Uber has several different vehicle classes. UberX is usually a sedan and can hold up to 4 passengers and is the cheapest option, UberXL is an SUV or minivan and can hold up to 6 passengers. UberSelect are luxury vehicles. A new option very beneficial for Disney families Uberx+car seat and UberXL+car seat in which the drivers are required to have 1 car seat from an approved list that has not been in an accident.  Florida law requires children under 5 years old to ride in a car seat.

Uber Hacks!

  • Ride for FREE! (Or almost free depending on where you’re going) Use my code feleciap33ue for $10 off your first ride!
  • If there are multiple adults in your group, after you use your first free ride send your code to one of the other adults and ride free again!
Free Uber ride code to use at walt disney world

Free Uber ride code to use at Walt Disney World


If you use Uber at Walt Disney World feel free to post your free ride code in the comments and we can all help each other out!


Using Uber at Disney World


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