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Last Minute trip Planning!

So… we decided today that we’re leaving for Disney World in 21 days!! We are so excited and we LOVE last-minute trips! With the new fastpass system it’s a little harder to do but I’m confident we can pull it off! Let the planning begin! I’ll keep you posted on our success or failure in procuring good fastpasses and ADR’S LAST MINUTE… and losing 7 pounds so I can put it back on at the Food and Wine Fest ๐Ÿ˜‰
Let’s do this!!

Today’s Goal: Order Annual Passes, make ADR’S (Advanced Dining Reservations)

My mood right now... i look almost confident ;) Who am i kidding? I LOVE planning <3

My mood right now… i look almost confident ๐Ÿ˜‰ Who am i kidding? I LOVE planning <3

He's super confident haha!

He’s super confident haha!


Day 1: (21 days until Disney!) Successfully made our “must have” dinning reservation at Jiko and Boathouse! But did not get Ohana breakfast reservations- i’ll keep checking back but we have had success calling the night before and snagging someone’s last minute cancellation so i’m not giving up hope. Still doing math and debating on the new Premium Plus Annual Passes with the new price changes ๐Ÿ™ I also consulted all my favorite crowd calendars and mapped out when we should go each day in my handy notebook.

Day 2: (20 days until Disney!) We have our new Premium Plus Annual Passes! We bit the bullet and decided it’s worth it with the added PhotoPass and with Parking fees going up to $20!! And of course that means a Tables in Wonderland card and 20% off food and drink, but the price of that also went up to $150 so now we’d have to spend $750 on food and drink to break even. So the great debate begins haha! Oh and i made all of our FastPass+ selections and got mostly what we wanted. Now off to play cars in the living room ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 4: (18 days!) Today i ordered Disney Trading Pins off of ebay to trade at the parks. This is a really fun activity and purchasing them online is a great way to save money.ย If you do this be careful!ย This is a bit of a controversial topic with Pin lovers. There is an ethical way to go about this and an unethical (or possibly under-educated) way to do this. You MUST find a seller that says “No Scrappers” in the description and read reviews to be sure you are getting genuine Disney Pins. “Scrapper” pins are counterfeit pins that are made with the same molds as real Disney pins but are not of the same quality and are not genuine pins. They even have the proper insignia on the back but they are fakes! The quality is typically obviously off if you’re familiar with Disney pins- the paint is streaky, edges are rough, and the metal is thin. Technically the Cast members will trade with you if it has the proper mickey on the back but that’s really not fair to the next little kid that comes up and trades away their $6-$8 pin for a 0.25 fake. When someone knowingly trades scrappers in the parks they are basically stealing. Sometime accidents happen and a pin isn’t an obvious fake and slips through the cracks but try not to be that person. A good rule of thumb is if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If it’s a lot of 100 pins for 25.00 they are scrappers. This time i paid 40.00 for 20 pins, the seller had great reviews and stated in the description that there were no scrappers and all pins had been traded in the parks. I’ll update when we receive them!

Day 10: (11 days until Disney!)ย The pins came in today! And they are genuine- yay!! We sorted through the new ones as well as ones we have left over from previous trips to decide which ones to trade and which to keep… he tends to want to keep a lot of them- haha! We managed to settle on 25 pins to take to the park for potential trade.

The great debate!

The great debate!

Day 11: (10 days!!!!!)ย The little man is now back in school and i started my sneaky shopping. I usually make one or two little gift bags to give him on the trip. Today i picked up a new pair of Star Wars pajamas at Walmart that I’ll give to him on our first night. I LOVE kids pajamas they’re adorable. It’s a practical gift and it make him feel special. I also picked up glow sticks from the dollar tree. I pack 3 of these glow sticks each morning before we go to the parks to use during the night-time shows and he loves waving them around as we walk from ride to ride. They are much more affordable than the light up toys Disney sells in the park and he seems to have just as much fun with them.

Star wars pajamas the little man has had his eye on. I'll surprise him with them our first night of the trip!

Isn’t this design adorable!? Star wars pajamas the little man has had his eye on. I’ll surprise him with them our first night of the trip!


Day 14 (1 week until the mouse house!)

Today i snagged all of our small travel essentials including Tide pods for laundry- we stay off site at a condo and there is a washer and dryer in our room! I love this because i don’t have to pack quite as much- especially for the little man who has no problem wearing the same shorts twice. I like the pods because they travelย well.ย I don’t have to worry about spills and it’s light!

Our travel essentials!

Our travel essentials!

We have activities for the car, Star Wars is the current favorite. Antibacterial wipes, because i hate germs ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use the standard yellow ones in our hotel room to sanitize when we arrive (usually bathroom surfaces) and i bring the fun Disney one’s to the park just in case. I find the Disney antibacterial wipes at the Dollar Tree pretty frequently and just stock up when i see them. I also bring several attachable hand sanitizers and i wear one on my belt loop to the park each day so it’s easy access. Our son, like every other child we see, loves to run his hands the entire length of the handrails on each attraction and my husband has noticedย that most men leaving the men’s room aren’t washing their hands- ew. So i find it’s very handy to clean up before our next Dole Whip, Turkey leg, popcorn ๐Ÿ™‚ I also pack a small Tums in case the Dole Whip, Turkey leg, and Popcorn don’t agree with me!! Heartburn and rides are not a good combo.

I bought a new stroller… for my 7-year-old

Today i also picked up a Sit n’ Stand stroller at a resale shop in town. I feel slightly silly having a stroller meant for two children when we clearly only have one… and he’s 7! But hear me out: Our 7 year old hyper little guy is completely capable of walking Disney World with us grown-ups but this is honestly all about convenience. One reason we love a stroller because it holds all of our stuff. This means i don’t have to cram a backpack on every ride we go on and if we bring raincoats for those afternoon showers we can easily store them and if we don’t use them it’s no big deal. We also love it because if you only have a stroller and a couple raincoats you can go through the “no bag” line which is much shorter, saving precious time. The stroller also easily holds any merchandise we may grab along the way although i wouldn’t recommend leaving anything too valuable in the stroller basket. Cast members are around the stroller parking areas but they can’t see everything and unfortunately bad people can be anywhere. It also has cup holders so we can walk with our drinks hands-free or save them for later! Lastly, it holds our kid!! While he CAN walk the parks a ten hour day is going to wear on those legs. We have found that those little breaks add up throughout the day and he doesn’t get as tired or reach that exhausted meltdown point we’ve seen many kids hit around 6/7 pm. He can relax, have a juice and a snack, we can have some grown-up conversation and we reach our destination quicker. All wins in our book!

I will say the stroller works for us but it may not work for you! Folding a stroller to take the tram is a major headache! But we don’t take the trams in the parking lots- we’ve found we beat them to the park 9 times out of 10 so for us a stroller is AWESOME! On the monorail you can leave the stroller open as long as there is room. But on Disney buses you must also fold your stroller. In the grand scheme of your Disney day folding a stroller twice a is a small price to pay for all day convenience.

We also got this little guy: Tablet pillow ipad holder

IPad/tablet holder for kids!

IPad/tablet holder for kids!

This Tablet Pillowย seems like it’s going to be perfect for road trips. I saw it at Barnes & Noble for around $17 which was a little steep so i checked Amazon and it was only 9.99! So we got it. It’s not often that i’ll post product links and it will only be for things I’ve personally purchased and thought were worth it. And if you happen to purchase through my link it helps me out ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย As much as we try to avoid it it’s almost inevitable that at some point during our 9-10 hour car ride to Disney World our son will end up playing on the IPad. We typically let him play when we hit heavy traffic or there’s bad weather and we really need quiet to focus on driving. He tends to lean forward into a hunched over position and it looks painful so i’m hoping that having the tablet propped up will eliminate that neck strain- and it’s a dog so win, win!

Day 20! One day left!

Today i am finishing up packing, getting a mani, and napping!




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